Usal-Emprende / “U Talent Hub”


 Activities offered to entrepreneurs and companies.


With a view to promoting entrepreneurial culture and lending support to the creation and consolidation of companies and employment, via quality services, the University of Salamanca has defined its Entrepreneurship Plan for the 2015-2017 period. Focused on the creation of an “open knowledge ecosystem”, with this Plan the University of Salamanca aims to become an internationally referenced pole of entrepreneurship, attracting and establishing relations with all the agents necessary; i.e., entrepreneurs, startups, accelerators, incubators, mentors, investors, small-and medium-sized companies and the communications media.

 To implement this plan, USAL has an Entrepreneurship Unit (which is dependent on the Vice-Chancellorship for Investigation and Results Transfer), which coordinates all the activities developed in the different programs integrated with the SIPPE, OTRI,  the Science Park, the General Foundation , the Entrepreneurship Chairs and the Multidisciplinary Business Institute.

The entrepreneurship plan is directed towards entrepreneurs who wish to set u an entrepreneurial initiative, and also to companies that are already constituted but need support for expansion, modernization and consolidation in the market, thus encompassing the two main phases of entrepreneurial development (incubation and acceleration) as well as working on the dissemination of entrepreneurial culture within the University context.

The University of Salamanca and the Science Park will actively potentiate all activities aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and fostering the development of companies, via assessment, training and the management of spaces.


INCUBATION: supporting entrepreneurs


  • Entrepreneurs’ telephone: 923 294 462
  • Dissemination of entrepreneurial culture within the context of the University  
  • Entrepreneurs’ Club.
  • Dissemination of entrepreneurship in research  groups.
  • Dissemination of information about contests and awards
  • Active participation on online platforms for entrepreneurs such as F6S, YAMMER, etc
  • Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship Week.


  • Workshops on entrepreneurship in the 12st century: challenges and opportunities
  • Training in Entrepreneurial Management
  • Training in Entrepreneurial Competencies  
  • Entrepreneurial training for teachers: Summer School  
  • MOOCs (companies, business management, entrepreneurial competencies…) 


  • Assistance and accompaniment during the process of developing your company, with a personalized tutoring itinerary  
  • Assistance in the elaboration/revision of the company business plan and the financial and economic plans
  • Processing and assessment in fiscal and employment procedures.
  • Searching and support in the processing of aid and subsidies
  • Assessment in the registration of brands and data protection
  • Business management consultancy  .
  • Accountancy assessment and management.
  • Commercial assessment and management  .
  • Network of International Mentors: Mentors’ Club  


  • Funding forums representing a nexus between entrepreneurs and different funding routes (first funding, public and private funding, investors, etc), carrying out networking activities such as roadshows, meet-ups, matchmaking events, with  investors, companies and other entrepreneurs, companies or startups.

Spaces for entrepreneurs:

  • Virtual seedbeds
  • Physical seedbeds
  • Entrepreneurs’ workshops


ACCELERATION: supporting companies

Spaces for companies.

  • Support for the internationalization of the company:  “Foro Internacionalización”
  • Development of Exchange programs:  “cross-border mentorship”
  • Assessment of companies and their positioning in the market  
  • Assessment in access to international   tenders
  • Fiscal assessment and management  
  • Work-related assessment and  management
  • Accountancy and commercial assessment and management
  • Collaboration with research groups at the University of Salamanca for the development of  technologically-based entrepreneurial projects
  • Dedicated consultancy for business consolidation
  • Investors’ rounds: speed dating
  • Roadshows