Technology-based entrepreneurship



ICE 2020


Innovative entrepreneurship program, led by ICE, in collaboration with the agents of the ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION NETWORK.

This program:

  • Coordinates the Network in the field of entrepreneurship. To do this, it involves all the agents working in the regional and national entrepreneurship, seeking specialization and efficient management of resources.
  • It is built on the diagnosis of the characteristics of the region and its entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as on the experience in the profile and the needs of the entrepreneurs.
  • It takes into account the trends and offer of services to entrepreneurship in the national and international environment.

Main goals:

  • Encourage entrepreneurship ideas to be translated into viable business projects.
  • Provide coverage to all entrepreneurship projects throughout the regional territory and offer services adapted to the needs of each entrepreneurial profile and the stage of their project.
  • Offer priority financing and advanced services to projects with a greater innovative profile and greater business experience.

The ICE 2020 program consists of three subprograms:


  • directed to projects without prototype or prototype without business model.
  • includes the following services: Workshops and advice to get to build the business model (technical validation, economic viability, legal advice)


  • directed to prototype projects, with a business model but without sales or with very specific sales.
  • includes the following services: Workshops and group and individual counseling with customized services and patents, intellectual and industrial property, commercial, financial, viability, legal, Techday and Venture Day ...


  • directed to projects with sustainable sales.
  • includes the following services: Sophisticated financing, advanced advice, growth programs, networking, ...


Please download and fill in this form.
Submit the signed by hand form in SIPPE office, at ground floor of Edificio Multiusos I+D+i (C/ Espejo 2, 37007 Salamanca).


  Title Date Place Duration
Hackaton Hack USALEmprende

08/03/2018 a

Complejo Peñuelas de San Blas, Salamanca

thursday3 h
friday 12 h
saturday 5 h

  Pechakucha Night Vol. 15 22/03/2018 Complejo Peñuelas de San Blas, Salamanca 2 h
Workshop Business Model 10/05/2018 Aula 11.3, Edificio Multiusos I+D+i (C/Espejo 2, Salamanca) 4 h (10:00 -14:00)
Workshop Customer development 24/05/2018 Aula 11.3, Edificio Multiusos I+D+i (C/Espejo 2, Salamanca) 4 h (10:00 - 14:00)
Workshop Basic Finances 06/06/2018 Aula 11.3, Edificio Multiusos I+D+i (C/Espejo 2, Salamanca) 4 h (10:00 - 14:00)


Telefónica Open Future

Telefónica Open Future

This incubation program launched by Telefónica Open Future, the Innovation and Financing and Internationalization Agency (ADE) of the Junta de Castilla y León, and USAL within the "Castilla y León Open Future" initiative , offers a place in the Crowdworking "Building Fonseca" for 10 selected innovative technology-based projects, including the following services:

  • Accommodation for the project promoter team at the crowdworking center associated with their challenge during the incubation process of the projects, arranging the necessary services and supplies.
  • "Training campus"
  • Personalized and individual work plan for each project.
  • Mentoring.
  • Professional support services by the Collaborating Companies and Partners of the Castilla y León Open Future program.
  • Support for financing search.
  • Quality Networking .
  • Internal Community.

At the Crowdworking Center "Edificio Fonseca" of the University of Salamanca, the maturity of these challenges will be fostered and promoted through a specific acceleration methodology, based on innovation and the experience gained by the promoters.

This initiative is aimed at teams of people (at least two members in each team) who present a project capable of becoming a new company, and is not an additional activity of an already established company that is more than two years old. In addition they must have a functional prototype and / or extensive knowledge in the technology from which the challenge can be faced.

The challenges are scored by the Partners and by the collaborating companies that are part of the Open Future Castilla y León program. Each challenge has different content, scope and characteristics. The submission of the application is associated with a specific challenge.

Specific challenges are raised by collaborating companies that propose and protect this technological challenge that will be solved by the entrepreneurs.

Likewise, generic challenges, raised by the Telefónica Open Future Program in Castilla y León, are contemplated for the development of a business idea that entrepreneurs will propose as a response to the challenge posed.



The INESPO III (Innovation Network Spain-Portugal) project is constituted as a University-Enterprise Knowledge Transfer Network between different entities in the Central Portugal and Castilla y León regions.

This project is co-financed with ERDF funds, within the first call of the INTERREG Cooperation Program V-A SPAIN-PORTUGAL 2014-2020, specifically in the Priority Axis 1 on Intelligent Growth through cross-border cooperation for the promotion of Innovation. It is led by the University of Beira Interior and it includes 8 other entities: in total 2 business associations and 9 universities, among which is the University of Salamanca represented by its General Foundation.


  • Maintain the Regions of Portugal and Castilla y León as driving forces for innovation, business creation and technological valorization.
  • To promote the competitiveness of companies in the Central Regions of Portugal and Castilla y León.
  • Contribute to the development and economic growth of these regions.
  • Provide potential entrepreneurs and researchers with technical skills, practices and management and marketing tools.
  • Foster the transfer of knowledge from the university to the company and to society in general.
  • Promote good practices of technology transfer and knowledge valorization between the university and the business context.
  • Strengthen the network among the partners, promoting the development of joint projects.

The INESPO III Project contributes to the promotion of the technological potential of companies, counting on the support and cooperation of the Universities, so that they can be more competitive in a society based on information and knowledge.
The strong stimulus to cross-border cooperation, not only with the entrepreneurs, but with the Entities of the Scientific and Technological System (SCT) of the Central Regions of Portugal and Castilla-León is a relevant aspect.
The innovative character of the project is evident in its activities. In addition to the transfer of knowledge and technology from universities to the company, the promotion of greater interaction and technological cooperation, will make business cooperation a point to highlight and have a greater added value.