Social and cultural entrepreneurship

Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship Week

Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship Week

SCE Week

Since 2014 the Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship Week has been celebrated, with dissemination, training and awareness-raising activities such as meetings with social and cultural agents in the region, creativity, motivation and time management workshops, film and documentary screenings ... including when it is possible other major events such as Pechakucha Night or HackForGood.

The latest editions have been supported by the Digital Production and Innovation Service through Medialab.

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Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship

Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship

What is Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship?
  • A new model of entrepreneurship   born under the aegis of social economics, which through its activities attempts to generate a positive impact on a problem common to all.
  • Creativity and innovation in addressing social and cultural problems through the creation of companies.  
  • The search for new pathways for self-employment that strengthen economic sustainability and the search for talent, with the clear objective of offering   a social and cultural service.
  • New methods for new companies that measure their growth not only in economic terms but also from the social, cultural and environmental perspectives.


Who is the Program directed at?

The program is directed at students of Languages, Education, the Social Sciences, Law and Political Science, Communications, the Fine Arts ,  History, the Humanities, etc. who wish to create their own business as well as generate employment:

  • It aims to offer an answer to some social problems (gender violence, citizen’s participation, rural development, work with groups of people at risk of social exclusion…), or to propose an alternative for change.
  • A further aim is to foster access to culture for all and at its core lies the defence of artistic creativity.


What are we offering you?

FREE FACE-TOFACE COURSES on motivation for self-employment, with specific contents according to your professional interests and focused exclusively on your own academic sphere of expertise.

  • Exclusive training for professionals in the social and humanities areas.
  • Information about domestic and international networks for support for social and cultural entrepreneurship.
  • Information about ways to seek specific funding in the sector.
  • Discussions of cases of successful entrepreneurs with the same academic background as you.
  • Teamwork with the Business Model Canvas, for the generation of entrepreneurial ideas.

Practical guide to the social and cultural entrepreneurship of the University of Salamanca.