Erasmus + 2017 "NICE"


Network for Intercultural Competencies to facilitate Entrepreneurship (NICE) is an Erasmus + 2017 programme (K203: Strategic Associations for Higher Education, led by the UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH with a financial envelope of € 410,837.

This project aims to enhance intercultural competencies (IC) amongst students which will develop employability prospects, including transversal skills, in an international, intercultural and interdisciplinary setting. A core element of this project is the unique partnership between countries, academia and industry to deliver and share good practice.

We shall demonstrate that students can best be developed in an international, intercultural and interdisciplinary setting. The interdisciplinary facet emanate from the fact that transversal skills can best be displayed when learned in one discipline and put into practise in another one and to tackle problems that require interdisciplinary solutions.

The IC can be outlined under five headings:

  1. global mindset and cultural agility
  2. communicating in a global environment
  3. global knowledge
  4. collaboration and teamwork
  5. adaptability, drive and resilience

The aim of this project is specifically to enhance students’ intercultural competencies by applying their skillset to solving global challenges though creating entrepreneurial solutions (including social enterprises).