Explorer (formerly YUZZ) is a training, support and mentoring program for young entrepreneurs (between 18 and 31 years old) with a duration of five months. At the end of this training process, the best entrepreneurial project is awarded with a trip to Silicon Valley. The three best projects at the national level, chosen from among all the winning projects at the local level, receive financial support for the implementation of their ideas (a total of € 60,000 is distributed). The best entrepreneurial project led by a woman is also awarded (€ 20,000), and the best innovation project with disruptive technology (€ 3,000).

Directed and coordinated by the Santander Entrepreneurship International Center (CISE) and sponsored by Santander Universities (initiative of Banco Santander). The University of Salamanca through SIPPE-USALEmprende and the Science Park Foundation continue to participate in this initiative during this course.

During the 5 months of the program the participating entrepreneurs have:

  • Personal advice: projects receive support and advice through SECOT members, each project has an individual consultant with business experience.
  • Knowledge space: they have access to a physical space (Entrepreneurship Hub) where they can work and favor the exchange of knowledge.
  • Training: they receive training sessions in business management, creativity and innovation, professional skills and experiential factor taught by a pool of experts from a network of more than 200 professionals.
  • National Meeting in the month of June, with sessions of experts and entrepreneurs, challenges and competitions.
  • Challenges and competitions to test ingenuity and the ability to innovate and work in groups received training, distributed throughout the three training blocks.