BINSAL Emprende

The BINSAL EMPRENDE project is led by the Association of Municipalities Cova da Beira and it involves several entities from the regions of Portugal and Castilla y León: Provincial Council of Salamanca, Asprodes, Instituto Politécnico de Guarda, Business Center of Nerga and Foundation General of the University of Salamanca.

This project is co-financed with ERDF funds, in the first call of the INTERREG Cooperation Program V-A SPAIN-PORTUGAL 2014-2020, specifically in the Priority Axis 2 on Integrative Growth through cross-border cooperation in favor of business competitiveness.

BINSAL EMPRENDE aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Promote and support entrepreneurship among the young population of BINSAL (Beira Interior Norte - Salamanca).
  • Encourage training among small firms in strategic areas.
  • Promote the encounter and exchange between economic agents and entrepreneurs.
  • Improve entrepreneurs' access to public information and support systems, as well as funding systems.
  • To promote actions of social and labor integration of people with difficulties of insertion or with disability.
  • To promote competitiveness in the BINSAL territory.

To this end, the activities to be carried out will be the implementation of a program to support the BINSAL entrepreneurship, a Pyme BINSAL training program and territorial development and marketing actions.