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YUZZ is more than a justcontest for new entrepreneurs.

It offers you information, support and assessment, accompanying your needs along the development of your business plan.

All participants can win part of a total amount of 60,000 euros (1st prize, 30,000, 2nd prize 20,000,  3rd prize 10,000).  From each centre, one person will be invited to visit  Silicon Valley and there will be 80 full grants for the IMPULSA Forum .

In you have a technology-based innovative idea, you are between 18 and 30 years old, and live in a Spanish province where there is a YUZZ Centre, present your idea and allow us to tap your entrepreneurial spirit.


USAL Emprende

USAL Emprende


We shall inform and orient you throughout  the phases of the process of converting your business idea into a viable company :

  1. Project study phase
  2. Development phase
    • Choice of the most suitable legal formula .
    • Elaboration of a Company  Plan (Specific Project, marketing plan, economic plan etc)
  3. Setting your business up (creation)
    • Procedure for constitution.
    • Legal obligations and responsibilities.  
    • Funding sources, financial aid and subsidies.

Ask for a meeting via the entrepreneurship telephone , 923 29 44 62, or via e-mail at: emprende@usal.es.



Periodically we program training activities addressing all matters related to the creation of companies and self-employment:

  • Market analysis
  • The legal formulas most commonly used for the constitution of a company.  
  • Procedures for setting up a company
  • The Company Plan
  • Marketing
  • The Human Resources area
  • Economic analysis
  • Sources of information, financial aid and subsidies

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